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Shiva Cargo Movers Limited
    The business of transporting liquid cargo, molasses and alcohol under Shiva Cargo Movers Limited started from 1985. The cargo being extremely sensitive to external stimuli makes it imperative to be handled delicately and with utmost care. The Company has earned the trust of its customers by safely delivering the entrusted cargo, always on time. The Company has carved for itself a niche as the specialized transporters of alcohol and other cargo of a similar kind.
Shiva Cargo Movers Limited
Contact Info
  Office :
1212, Trichy Road,
Coimbatore 641 018, India.
Phone : 91-422-2302277 (10 Lines)
Fax : 91-422-2305599

Email :

Factory / Branch : Chinnapuliyur, Periapuliyur PO Bhavani Taluk,
Erode District, India.
Phone : (91)-4256-236730
Fax : (91)-4256-230303
Email :


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